American Express Issues

I just decided to try, again, setting up my AMEX credit card account in Quicken (R49.29, Build to download transactions and I have issues with it. Again. First, for some reason it changed the account's starting balance from 0 to $13.83. Why does it do this? Fortunately, this time I knew to look for it. Second, it downloaded all of the transactions starting with 4/2. All of them were already marked as cleared so I don't know why it downloaded them again. Suffice to say that this does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I'll see what else it does but I really wish you all would get your collective acts together. We're continually paying for a product that's supposed to make it easier for us to manage our finances.


  • smichels62
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    I just updated two other AMEX accounts and saw the same behavior in both of them. Why does Quicken insist on changing the starting balance for an account and why does it download transactions that are already flagged as cleared? Ridiculous!