Streamline transaction entry with new security

Quicken R49.29 Build
Windows 10 Home Ver. 21H2 Build 19044.2846

Whenever I'm in an investment account and I'm entering a buy transaction for a security I've never owned, I enter the date, the action (Bought) and then start entering the new security name or symbol. According to the pop-up, I haven't entered this security before, so I click the "Add Security" button and proceed to add the security (no problem). When I click the "Done" button, the pop-up goes away and the name of the new security shows in the security field of the transaction I'm entering (I presume at that point the new security has been added to the Security List, so far, so good). But, after a second or two of some screen changes (some macro doing its thing I presume), the transaction I was just entering reverts back to a blank transaction at the end of the register. Now I have to start entering the transaction all over again from scratch.

It would sure help if, after a new security is added to the Security List, Q would leave the new security in the already started transaction and allow me to complete it.


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    Quicken R49.29 Build
    Windows 10 Home Ver. 21H2 Build 19044.2846

    When entering a new transaction in an investment account that is dated earlier than the last transaction in the register, after the "Enter" button is clicked, the transaction is entered into the correct date sequence, but, when Q prompts for the next transaction, it is sitting on the last completed transaction at the bottom of the register (latest date). [Edited-Readability] If I'm in a bit of a hurry or have a brain fart and forget to move to the blank new entry position after the last register entry, I will end up overwriting (editing) an already posted transaction. After entering a new investment transaction, Q needs to prompt for a new transaction AFTER the last transaction in the register.

    This is not a problem for other types of accounts (checking, savings, credit, etc).

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