Starting Over After Data Issues - also Email ID

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    Years ago I purchased Quicken Home, Business & Rental. Kept updates and was doing fine until 4 years ago. Quicken began posting, on its own, all of my deposits became checks and checks became deposits. Was unable to reconcile from that point forward. I realized that Someone who helped me install the program posted the incorrect email that doesn't exist so Quicken will not recognize my actual email. It's a mess.

    Now I want to Get a current version to start over. Am wondering if I should uninstall the mess that I've had to deal with to have a clean slate WITH the correct email address.

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    what does your Quicken show for email ?
    … Help —> About Quicken

    And how does that email ID compare to the email ID you are using to sign into & access this Forum ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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