Unable to set up update with Synchrony Bank

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Am trying to re-establish my Quicken Update links after they have all been wiped-out.

But it doesn't work with a Bank that I used to be able to download from without issues before the links wipe-out.

I am using the same User Name and Password that allow me to access the Bank Online Site but am getting an error message in Quicken stating that the Bank doesn't recognize the same credentials when trying to access via Quicken.

What is the best way to resolve this and re-establish the connection?

Thank you very much.


  • Mark1104
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    which bank?

  • LostUser
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    The one I am fighting now is Synchrony, both CC and Savings won't link for update.

    Have issue with other banks as well but best to tackle them one by one as it seems issues are different from Bank to Bank. WIth some Banks, doing a complete disconnect instead of just going through Link Update did the trick, but not with Synchrony. Worse is that after a few unsuccessful attempts to connect via Quicken, Synchrony blocks the accounts and I cannot even access via Web anymore.

    Thank you.
  • LostUser
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    1) Called Quicken support who checked for issues with Synchrony and said there were none and it was all Synchrony's fault if I couldn't connect with them and I should call them and resolve with them (and change my password and revalidate with Synchrony...which I had already tried and failed).

    2) Then called Synchrony...who told me they are fully aware of the problem with Quicken and incompatibility with Direct Link and also that they will lock me out again every time I try to link through Quicken. Bummer is that they do not offer QFX either so it is back to manual entry for Synchrony.

    Would help if Quicken could disable the link activation for institutions that do not offer it, would save valuable user time and trouble with locked accounts.

    Emigrant just ditched the Direct method as well but at least they offer QFX download which is just fine, but Synchrony doesn't bother.

    No Direct with Capitol One either.