Is auto populating working for other people?

I'm having problems in general with auto populating.

In my checking register, when I pick a memorized payee from the list, only the payee name fills. The category and amount fields do not.

When I create a customer invoice and select the customer name from the drop down, the bill to fields do not populate. I have to manually enter them (name again and address)

When I create a vendor invoice, it's the same issue. I select the vendor from the list but the vendor address (and name) have to be manually entered.

All of this worked up until a few weeks ago. I spoke to a representative a couple weeks ago and was eventually able to convince them this was a bug in the software and not an issue with my data file. He said they were working on a similar issue and would escalate it. Since then, there has been a new update that I installed, but that did not resolve the problem. I"m pretty sure it's not my file. I just created a new test file and created checking, customer invoice, and vendor invoice accounts and the problem persists.

Surely other people are having the same problem and are upset about it? This seems like a long time for there to be an issue of this magnitude without it being fixed. Having to manually enter all of that information (and exactly match what is saved for the address) is kind of a pain.


  • Rich855
    Rich855 Member

    I got it all working. In Edit > Preferences > Data entry and QuickFill, I had to enable:

    • Complete fields using previous entries
    • Recall Memorized Payee

    I'm not sure what happened and why Support didn't tell me when I was on the phone with them. I think maybe it got fixed in the latest version, but I then needed to go in and check those boxes. Anyway, it's working now which is a big relief. That was a pain when it wasn't!

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