Budget (and Expense) category invalid

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A CATEGORY is appearing in my budget which I did not specify. Actually I cannot find it anywhere. It is not used used in Expenses and it does not show up in Category (including hidden items). Tried deleting it in the Budget. Cannot.

How do I delete it?


  • UserDavidC
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    What is the name of the Category?

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  • MrEd47
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    Category name is "Everything Else". In the Budget, it is showing up under Utilities. The weird thing is that it does NOT appear in the Category listing - including the hidden categories. Nor does it show up in Expenses; never been used.

    "Everything Else" has $0 budget. Have tried to delete it without success. No idea where it came from.

  • Scooterlam
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    From the above help topic on Budgets:

    Everything Else

    • Everything Else appears within a category if you've selected the parent category and at least one, but not all subcategories within that category. It represents the sum of amounts spent or received in the unbudgeted subcategories within a category. Here are some things you can do with the amount:
      • Ignore the amount: If you are not concerned with the amount, you can just ignore it.
      • Reduce or eliminate the amount: Take a look at the subcategories included in the Everything Else amount, then add those subcategories to your budget; or, remove all of the subcategories and track only at the category level.
      • Budget the amount: Assign a budget amount to Everything Else to create a collective budget for all of the subcategories it contains. To do so, click the Everything Else line and enter an amount.

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