Scheduled Paycheck Instance Deleted When Synced To Mobile

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I am using Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property on Windows 10, Version R49.29, Build

Have had an issue recently where my income reminder for a paycheck keeps deleting one of the two instances for which it was scheduled each month. I set up the paycheck reminder for Twice a month on both the 14th and 29th. I noticed that the instance on the 29th kept disappearing.

After some trial and error, I noticed that this would happen after running one-time update, and then specifically only when I had Sync to Mobile & Web turned on. I tried resetting mobile data (using the default option to just erase the mobile data and reset without first syncing locally). Even when doing this, the second income reminder would disappear from Quicken on Windows. Strangely, the mobile app still showed the second reminder, but every time I would sync it would disappear from Quicken Windows.

Since I hardly ever use the mobile app, I have simply deactivated sync and this has fixed the issue on Quicken Windows. Nonetheless, this seems to be a bug that someone might want to investigate.


  • Q97
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    I'm seeing the same issue. It started immediately after updating to R49.29
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    Seeing the same issue here as well. In addition, Paycheck (one set up with Paycheck Wizard) also gets converted to a Split Transaction (not listed as a Paycheck anymore). When clicking split, the Paycheck window does come up. Quicken seems to be confused about if it is actually a Paycheck or not.

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    Have you tried setting the date to twice a month, on 14th and Last day?
    I sometimes get the feeling that calendar logic has a problem with fixed dates of 29, 30 and 31.

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