Random paycheck replacement

About 6-12 months ago, Quicken started replacing random scheduled (every 2 weeks) paycheck with a $31,000 paycheck (I can dream).
This paycheck replaces a schduled one - In the last week I have removed this $31k paycheck half a dozen time, reset my next scheduled to be this Friday, but next time I go in it is replaced with another $31k check - no deductions or itemization, just a flat $31k.
There is nothing in the schedule nor in the history, that could infer a recurring check with that amount. Once Friday has passed, it will be OK for another few paychecks, but then will recur - not monthly or quarterly, just seems random.
I have run a repair so many times. Each time it reports about 20 "Damaged Data Record" messages (no details), but then states, "No action required". Further down under QEL, it states "1 scheduled transactions corrected" but no detail of which one.

Any help in troubleshooting appreciated.

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