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I downloaded a transaction for paying my electric bill this morning, May 10, 2023. The transaction was dated May 9. I had previously entered this payment for/on May 6 so tried to manually match the May 9 transaction to the May 6 one. However there was no transaction to match against, even though each transaction's payee and amount fields were the same and I was looking at my May 6 entry in the register as I was trying to find it in the "match transaction" pop up. There were other transactions appearing in the pop up but not the one for the electric bill. Any suggestions?


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    I run into that from time to time and in fact did so just this morning. This AM, I just changed the date of the one in the register to match the downloaded one and it immediately matched. Yes it shouldn't happen, but these things are easily handled, e.g. could have also just accepted the. download and deleted the other one.

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