I would like Quicken to add an option when creating a new budget...

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We all know that EXPENSES change every month because of seasonality (e.g. Utilities) and periodic payments made on something other than a monthly basis (premiums, taxes, etc. Here's an option I would like to have when creating a new BUDGET. Give me the option to create a new BUDGET BY MONTH based on the ACTUAL EXPENSES BY MONTH from the previous year. If Gas is high in January and Electricity is high in July, that seasonality is shown in the actuals and (if copied by month) could easily be reflected in the BUDGET. Insurance premiums and taxes are paid on various schedules, not the same amount each month.

Likewise, REVENUE varies greatly for seasonal businesses. Having the new BUDGET reflect this MONTHLY seasonality (also based on last year's actuals) is helpful. From that point I can tweek the BUDGET amounts (which is easier than trying to re-crease the seasonality from the "total divided by 12" averages.
CAN QUICKEN Budget creation be improved in this manner. I've been a loyal Quicken user since about 1994.


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    Ummm …
    when you extend your budget from one year to the next, doesn't the 2nd option in the menu below already do that for you?

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