U.S. Bank Connection Method Transition 500 Error

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When beginning OSU, the dialog is displayed:

Your financial institution connections(s) need an update

U.S. Bank Internet Banking

The following financial institutions are transitioning to a different connection method. To continue downloading information, please update the connection for the following:

<USBank account list>

With buttons: "Reauthorize" — When clicked, present interstitial dialog with a "Sign In" button. Which, when clicked, goes to the URL:


That URL displays a 500 Server Error in as plain text in the HTML body…

"code": "500",
"message": "Execution of ServiceCallout SCValidateUserAgentLegacy failed. Reason: ResponseCode 401 is treated as error"


  • joecg
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    Working this morning. I'm guessing it was maintenance or a cutover timing issue with their transition to EWC+

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