Memorized Payee List (MPL) is displaying empty (blank)

S Krishna
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I faced this problem some time ago and had posted what I thought was a fix but that did not hold. Here is an update that actually worked for me and has continued to work ..

Update 5/13/23 : The problem started all over again ie Empty MPL. I read somewhere that this could be because of too large a Memorized Payee List. This is what I read as a possible solution in a much older post. I tried it and it worked! I now have a good, displayable MPL.

• Tools->Memorized Payee List (or CTRL-T)

• Then from the Options menu (at the bottom of the screen) select "Memorized Payee List Maintenance"

• Check box "Delete non-locked payees not used in the last 3 years"

This option will also tell you the number of payees that fall in this category and that will give you an idea of the Payees you have memorized that are unused and can probably be safely deleted.

• Click "OK"

This should restore your MPL display. Verify by doing a CTRL-T.

Good Luck!


  • S Krishna
    S Krishna Member ✭✭
    PS Please back up your Quicken file before attempting! (I did just to be sure I had a fallback in case things did not work out)
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