How to use account description field, in reports

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It was suggested in this forum, some years ago, to use the Description field in the Account details for the account's institution name, and then turn on the preference to display both account name and description in report preferences.

I've done that - but in both the net worth and account balance reports, I see no way to display (let alone sort by) that description.

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    In QW2017, turning on the preference to show both account name and description combines the two in the Account column of the report. So for my account named Checking with description BofA, I see Checking-BofA in the Account column for reports.

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    Is this the Preferences setting you are talking about?

    As far as the account name is concerned, my account registers always include the bank name, e.g. "ABC Bank Checking", "Citi VISA 1234", etc.

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