Budget issue


I reported this as a bug. I have an number of Item in my Budget that are transfers to other quicken accounts I have created. These are saving accounts I transfer monies to for saving or to pay bills with at a later date. Starting with a quicken update in March instead of these showing as Transfers Out in the budget the dollars now show as Transfers In. Once the transaction for the month takes place that corrects it but future budgeting is all screwed up. I use Windows 11. I have deleted and replaced the recurring transfer in the bill reminders but that did not fix the issue. Any other suggestions. I did use the tools in quicken to report this issue twice under help - report a problem.


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    Do the reminders clearly show as Transfer Reminders, e.g., from Savings to Checking, with a negative amount in the Savings register? Or did the sign on the amount get changed +/-?

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