Inappropriate CC-800 errors on long closed accounts, no real help from Support

QW, on Windows 11, R49.29

A few days ago I started seeing a dialog that is titled "One or more of your accounts need attention" and shows a link to a CC-800 error. I see an icon with a red circle with slash through it (like a do-not-enter road sign) next to the "More accounts" link in my left side accounts list. If I expand this I see a list of about a dozen old accounts that are all closed, and have been for a long while, that are tagged with this icon. I mean, I manually closed them in Quicken. If I open each of these, it shows as closed under account details.

The help article for CC-800 says to deactivate then reactivate each account to clear CC-800. Of course, that cannot be done with a CLOSED account. In chat with Q Support I was told to 1) restore a backup from before these accounts were closed - not feasible as no backup exists from years ago, and in any vase would restore and eliminate years of more recent transactions, or 2) delete all these accounts - possible but some have data I need to include in reports I do (which is why I closed but didn't delete them in the first place).

There is evidently no other way to fix this or clear it out in the data file, at least, not one known to Support. I feel there should be a way to escalate this to a higher support level so an engineer can identify a fix (if not to my file, at least to the root cause bug).

Has anyone found a way to fix this less intrusively?


  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta

    Do you use Mobile/Web? It sounds like file corruption. Do you still have active accounts with the FIs associated with the closed accounts?

    You could try with SYC turned OFF, signing out of your Quicken account and back in, but that probably won't work.

    Have you tried restoring from a backup from before the CC-800 error appeared? If that does not work, then the other less desirable option is to manually create new accounts for the problem accounts, move all transactions from the old accounts to the new accounts, then delete the old accounts.

  • Peter Isakson
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    Markus, thanks! I do use mobile/web - I believe sync causes other problems (like checking and credit card accounts not reconciling, as if older transactions were deleted or altered), but I like to enter credit card charges at the store using mobile Quicken.

    I do have other active accounts with a few of these institutions, but for many that are flagged I do not.

    I guess I could do a restore, except I don't recall exactly when the CC error appeared. Since backed up files go to OneDrive clod, and it keeps versions, I could (with some effort) restore each version backward until I find the one lacking that CC error. I may try that, and see if a one step update to that files gets me correctly up to date.

    I just tried using file export to a QIF of all the transactions in one of these accounts, a closed checking acct. I then created a new account (offline type) and imported from that QIF. Unfortunately a few hundred tx's were not imported and the ending account balance was not correct (should have been 0). So moving the data to a new acct doesn't seem to work accurately.

  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta

    The move can be done within the data file without using QIF exports. Slightly different methods depending on whether you are moving from a spending or investment account. In either case, if any selected transactions are Reconciled, change their status to Cleared or you will get a pop-up acknowledgement for every transaction.

    In a spending account register you want to move from, use shift key to select multiple transactions and right-click on a highlighted transaction. Select Move Transactions.

    In an investment account register you want to move from, right-click on a transaction and select Move Transactions, a pop-up window will allow selection of multiple transactions.