"Ship to window" has changed - lost its usefulness as a project/job window.

I am reposting a problem that arose for many of us last fall 2022. There has been no resolution that I know of other than rolling back to a previous version of the software.

"Sudden problem this morning trying to create invoices for multiple projects for the same long time customer. My bill to window always shows the customer and address, but usually my project window (ship to) will be peopled by the project I choose from above that. Now however, it is autofilled by the customers address, as though it is a ship to item. but I have always called it and used it as a project box. I am hoping this gets resolved quickly."

I wonder if anyone else has found an answer other than rolling back the software. I haven't allowed it to update it since rolling it back to 43.32 something or other. I wonder if I have missed anything valuable by not allowing Quicken to update for the last 6 months or so. By the way if anyone is still having this problem and doesnt know how to roll back their software here is the quote from the user who figured out how to preserve the ship to window as a flexible space:

"I just worked with Tech support over the phone. To resolve issue I had to roll back to R43.32
Go to browser and type GEN00666
Click on: Reinstalling and patching your Quicken Subscription version
scroll down to download (Sept 2022) download version Release R43.32
open after download and follow steps.
If you need help - call support. I'm sticking with this Release until I see a resolution on he ticket referenced from above.
Hope this helps"
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