Saved 2023 Reports not working - getting wrong report.

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For many years I have used the same reports. Each year I create a new reports folder for the year. Then I open last year's reports, change the dates and titles, then save the reports into the new year folder. It has always worked.

This does not work for 2023. When I open the reports that I created for 2023 from the 2023 folder in "My Saved Reports & Graphs", I get a completely different and unrelated report. If I go to "Reports & Graphs Center" and open the report from there, it works fine.

I'm using Quicken Deluxe R49.29 on Windows 10 latest update.


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    Discouraging. This problem was reported before and confirmed by several others, but that discussion was closed without any resolution. Now, no one even responds to this post.

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    Found the old posting from January - it might have been sidetracked with comments on Budget and closed as related to that topic.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    When accessing a Saved Report created in an earlier release level of Quicken and you run into problems with the report itself, try clicking the "Reset Columns" button in the report's customization (gear icon), then recustomize as needed and save the report again, replacing the old saved report.

    I can't speak to any issues with saved reports stored in folders and if there are any limitations. Can't find anything documented.
    You are aware, of course, that a saved report just saves the customization parameters. It does not save a printable copy of the report at the time you created the saved report. Instead, it pulls the transactions from today's file … which might be different from what it was years ago when you first created the report.
    If you must have a copy of the printable report as of the time you generated the report, you need to save the report as PDF file to disk and/or archive a copy to external storage.

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