After OSU, when I start to Reconcile "Your Account May Be out of Date" prompt still occurs

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I am preparing to reconcile my account. I start OSU, which completes with no errors. When I start the Reconcile, the above popup occurs. In this case there were no new transactions to download. I had downloaded an accepted the transactions for the current month a couple of weeks before this. The transactions were in the "Cleared" state. This occurs in both checking accounts and credit card accounts.
AND now, I just discovered when I go to enter the payment of the credit card in the Bill and Income Reminder of the checking account, Q still doesn't know I JUST reconciled it.
Why doesn't Q know that I just did attempt to download transactions?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Open the One Step Update Summary and look at the light gray download timestamps. Perhaps not all of your FIs actually connected.

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  • DoctorBrown
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    All accounts were downloading without any errors up until May 16th. Three of five FIs have stopped downloading but there are no errors logged. So I executed the "Reset Account" on all accounts and now they are downloading and responding correctly to the Reconcile function. I have no indication what happened on the 16th that broke everything, but now it's ok. Thank you for your reply.
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