how to correct Account type

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I have TFSAs and others that need to have account type corrected. In some cases there is no option in others I only see IRA options - and this is 45.18 Canadian version.


  • Destarah
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    This has been on ongoing disaster for as long as Quicken has had a Canadian version ... not sure why they decided it is impossible to have Canadian account types, but that seems to be the final word from Quicken about it. If you haven't searched the community for TFSA or RRSP, feel free to browse through the lengthy history of complaints
  • Arctic Hare
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    Agreed… the Canadian version is not very Canadian… it contains many concepts that strictly apply in the USA and it doesn't support many fundamental aspects of the Canadian financial landscape. Quicken's marketing team can't even get this straight when they list the features of the different versions of the Canadian product. The comparison contains features that aren't present in the Canadian version. IMHO the Canadian version of Quicken is minimally Canadian. Minimally enough to make the product competitive in the marketplace but not enough to be be a great solution for Canadian users.

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