Confused how to fix this: Stop Quick Pay, use only Check Pay

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For decades I used Chase for paying all my bills, but once they severed the direct connection with Quicken, I moved my account this year to Wells Fargo Bank.

When I first started paying bills via WFB, I enabled Quick Pay by accident. The only reason I found this out is I hit the monthly limit during the first month using WFB, and got a message I need to buy more transactions.

A quick to call to WFB Quicken team put me on the right path and helped me set up Check Pay. Basically now, this process works pretty seamless.

However, every one and a while even though I select Check Pay in the "Check #" column, it reverts to using Quick Pay for some vendors I am sending checks to. I suspect this might be the original first batch of payees I paid that first month before setting up Check Pay.

A few questions:

  1. How can I stop Quick Pay? I have gone into the "Bills & Income" on the green header section and followed others recommendations to delete the "Biller" here but I am unable to do so by using "Control + Delete". Note I am running Windows on Mac via Parallels.
  2. In the check register in the "Check #" column is there a way to eliminate Quick Pay under the second option: "Pay (Quick Pay/Check Pay)" ? Perhaps that would fix the issue.
  3. Do I need to somehow alter the payee's information under "Tools" Tab then "Memorized Payee List" ?

I am open to suggestions to fix this.


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    Have you looked at Payment Accounts in the Bills, Income & Transfers tab's Gear icon?
    This allows you to enable checking or savings accounts for Quick Pay and Check Pay. AFAIK, they are either both on or both off.

    If a biller accepts Quick Pay payments, I would prefer using this feature instead of Check Pay.
    When scheduled correctly with Quick Pay, the biller's computer system will send an electronic debit to your checking account on due date, on time.
    With Check Pay you may need to schedule payments up to 3 weeks in advance, to allow for the time it takes to print a paper check at the service provider, to mail it and to process it at the biller's check processing facility.

    Please be aware that you have these alternatives (in no particular order of preference):

    1. Logon to the bank's website and schedule your bill pay payments to be executed by the bank from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payment. Repeat both actions every time another payment is due.
    2. Bypass Bill Manager. Let the biller's computer system do all the work for you. Logon to the biller's website once and set up their Autopay, APS, Direct debit, etc. service to make the current payment and all future payments on Due Date directly from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken, every month, record a regular Scheduled Reminder to keep track of your payments before they come due.
    3. Write (or print with Quicken) a paper check and mail it to the biller, making sure to mail payment early enough (at least 10 days before due date) to allow time for delivery and processing.

    I've been using method #2 for decades, since before the Internet and bank download capabilities were even introduced. It's easy to get used to this process. And I have yet to miss a single payment.

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    I do not think that answered my question. I will to exclusively use Check Pay and disable Quick Pay. How can I best do that?

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    I see this but it seems to disable BOTH Check Pay and Quick Pay. I only want to disable Quick Pay. Any thoughts?

  • Randy 415
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    It appears that you might have to disable both QuickPay and CheckPay, then re-enable both (if needed). It appears you cannot just enable CheckPay only. See the instructions for enabling Bill Manager QuickPay/CheckPay.

    But once enabled, you can select to use Manual Bill (CheckPay) instead of Online Bill (QuickPay). To quote:

    "If you cannot access your bill online, or would prefer to track your bill manually, you can add a manual bill. For a manual bill, you supply both the billing amount and the billing date/interval. Manual bills can be paid with Check Pay."

    So you might need to remove the Online Bills, and re-create them as Manual Bills.

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