Backup unable to open source file - Not using Dropbox at all

I have used Quicken since the 80's, so I'm a bit familiar. I don't use Dropbox on this computer at all. In May of 2023, I started getting the "Unable to open source file" error when doing a backup. The backup folder is on local drive where it has been for many years. What other issues besides Dropbox could cause this error?

thank you


  • mcmattaustx
    mcmattaustx Member ✭✭
    SOLVED: I actually just solved my own problem. I had a program called "RAV Endpoint Detection" from RAV antivirus installed on my computer. I didn't knowingly do this. It seems it is bundled with some other programs quietly. The grammar from the popups is improper which is strange. I uninstalled this program and backups immediately started working again.