The Dreaded Calendar (in Q Mac)

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I've used Q Win for a really long time and one of the main pain points that has prevented me from migrating to Q Mac has been the limited functionality of the Q Mac calendar. I use the Q Win calendar for two things...adding manual bill reminders and adding manual income reminders. The Q Win calendar shows income reminders in green and expense/bill reminders in yellow. IMO... It's a clean look, no visual "all transactions" clutter, no unnecessary or undesired distractions..

I get paid twice a month and having bill/income reminders in a calendar view, versus a list view, allows me to visually see what is going in and out between each paycheck. In Q Win this works SOOO GOOOD. In Q Mac, my calendar is filled with nothing but transaction entries for 20+ accounts (that are all frequently used) and it drowns out the reminder entries; it renders the reminders useless.

So please for the love of baby unicorns can we get the Q Mac calendar to have an option to just show manual reminders?


I've been trying to migrate to Q Mac for years and I keep giving up because this feature is just so vital to my ability to keep my bills paid on time.

Extra stuff: I'm not using Bill Pay or doing anything automated. Bill Pay automation has hurt me in the past. I manually make sure all my deposits are made then I look at the calendar and see what is due before my next deposits.

Quicken Windows user since 1998...Painfully still trying to convert to Quicken Mac since 2019


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    For that clean, uncluttered look in the Quicken for Windows Calendar you must have turned off the Option setting "Show recorded transactions in calendar"

    (Nice! In over 20 years of using Quicken I had never turned this option off to see what it would do … I prefer working in the Home page's Bills and Income Reminders view to see my upcoming reminders)

    Are you sure the Q Mac Calendar doesn't have an equivalent option?

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    @UKR Thanks for the reply. The Q Mac calendar options are very limited. There are three options to toggle off/on: Show Transactions, Show Balances, Show Investment Changes. The Edit Calendar option only allows you to pick which accounts you want to show on the calendar. It's crazy and seems bizarre to me since the Q Win version has had the B&I Reminders calendar option for as long as I can remember. But Q programmers probably work on feature requests by popularity and this feature appears to be something not many people use. I try about every year to see if any newer versions of Q Mac make improvements in this area and I'm still waiting.

    Dear Santa... please, pretty please, can I have the "Show Bill and Income Reminders in Calendar" option added to Q Mac??

    So I'll probably check again next year. :)
    Quicken Windows user since 1998...Painfully still trying to convert to Quicken Mac since 2019