Investing Portfolio Market Value only shows Retirement Account amounts in Quicken Deluxe

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If you highlight the Investing section on the left navigator you see the exact same results as if you highlighted the Retirement sub-section under it. Brokerage accounts are all ignored.

If you highlight the Brokerage sub-section the correct values are shown just for those non-retirement accounts.

Any chance, when highlighting the Investing section, we can see an aggregated view of ALL of our investments? Both Brokerage and Retirement?

It's a little thing but it seems like a simple fix.


  • marcdcmb
    marcdcmb Member ✭✭

    Well, it turns out that I had the filter (located on the "Data as of…" line) set for my investing page to "All Retirement Accounts" and completely didn't notice it.

    I guess, for my use case, I was expecting that filter to always default to ALL applicable accounts under the heading. Regardless, it's my error that I did not notice it. #LFMF

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