us bank new connection does not work in quicken subscription


Two big issues:

  1. after going to us bank web site and authorizing connection with quicken the quicken software offers a pop up to identify which us bank accounts match up with which of your quicken accounts. for some unknown reason quicken does not show you all of your accounts to choose from. with this limitation It doesn't show my checking account as an option to link with that same account in us bank.
  2. when you link up a home equity account that still has a balance, quicken declares that account 'paid off'. with that designation there is NOTHING you can do to change it. You'd better have a backup quicken file!



  • mwendrow
    mwendrow Member

    I have the same problem - my equity line of credit is still active and the only way to be able to download is to create a new account and lose all of the history. New account is created as a credit card.

    Why did Quicken break this?

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