Unable to authorize Capital One Credit Card Account

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This has been plaguing me for over a month now. I contacted Quicken Support on this issue and they blamed Capital One. Finally today reached someone from the Capital One Digital Support Team and they blame Quicken.

This started when Quicken notified me that I had to "reauthorize" my account access for Quicken. I went through the process and after logging into Capital One, I get a dreaded "We've hit a snag" message on their site.

I then removed completely the web access setup and started over. Same message.

Tried with MS EDGE, Firefox, and Chrome with the same result. Even completely cleared cookies/browsing data to see if that might be the issue.

I'm at a loss. Using Quicken Premier for Windows.


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    Hi @compumonk,

    Are you seeing any specific error codes or any followup messages that may help us to determine what the problem might be? Can you confirm that you are trying "for the first time" to setup Quicken downloads for this credit card?

    Also can you please explain what you mean by "Tried with MS EDGE, Firefox, and Chrome with the same result." - Exactly what were you "trying" to do that involves Quicken? Stared another way - what instruction were yoyu following in Quicken?


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    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, deactivated and tried from scratch. Changed my default browser with each attempt after clearing cookies.

    1. Go to the account properties
    2. Click "Online Services" tab
    3. Click "Set up Now..."
    4. Screen shows with "Capital One Card Services needs you to authorize your accounts", from there click "Sign In"
    5. Quicken launches external browser (default) which directs to a Quicken URL and then redirects to Capital One
    6. Log into Capital One
    7. You get a blue spinner, then the "We've hit a snag" message. There are no error codes.
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