Unable to import a qfx file

I'm using Windows 11, Quicken version R49.33, Build I've downloaded a web connect file (*.qfx) from Bank of America for a month of credit card transactions. But then I cannot successfully import the file. In Quicken I select "File Import>Web Connect (.QFX) File, then navigate to and select the downloaded file. Then my cursor blinks a time or two, and nothing else happens. I am not presented with a dialog box asking which account I'd like to import into or anything else. And not transactions have imported into any account. Any suggestions on what might be wrong and how I can fix this? (If I create a brand new Quicken file, with just one credit card account, I am able to import the QFX file into that file/account. In this case Quicken acts like it's supposed to: I am presented with a dialog box asking where to put the imported transactions from the QFX file)


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    First, make a backup.

    Is the account already setup for a download connection type in Quicken? Edit the account from the Account List (Tools menu) and select the Online Services tab. I'd make sure that it is not activated for anything and then try the import again.

    BTW, you can double click on the .QFX file in Windows Explorer and Quicken should try to import it without going through the menu picks that you described (nothing wrong with them, it is just more clicks).

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