Tax Planner YTD Daily Average Witholding Negative. What could cause this?

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In the tax planner, I have my paycheck configured to be entered every two weeks and I double check the amounts against my paystub. In the tax planner, I use "scheduled bills and deposits" to estimate my yearly witholding. (although it defaults to per pay period amount every time as others have said). But I notice on YTD daily average, the number is negative. Which leads me to believe something is fishy somewhere. See the attached screenshot (forgive the poor man's redaction).

Any ideas what might cause this? The only thing I can think of is my employer provides a free 401k match, so on my paycheck I have the pre-tax employee contribution set at $0, but the employer contribution is filled in. My contributions are Roth 401(k) contributions, which are recorded after tax. Both contributions go into the same account. But I don't know how that would impact YTD average witholding calculations. Anyway, any insight would be helpful.

I am on R49.33,


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    I noticed with R49.33 that with an employee contribution set to $0 (but still with an employer contribution > $0) that Quicken was assigning a checking account as the account where the 401k contribution (of $0) was going. In addition, it is not possible to edit the 401k 'checking account' contribution.

    Despite what Quicken say, they have not fixed entirely the broken paycheck issues with R49.33.

    I have gone back to R48.15, the last release before R49.xx for which there is a Mondo update available.
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