Old investment account closed years ago now showing huge balance

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An old investment account I had which I closed years ago is now showing a balance containing the securities I transferred out to another Quicken account. No matter how far back I go in loading a backup file it still shows it, so I don't know when the data corruption happened.

I don't remember which account I transferred those securities TO. (I stupidly rely on Quicken to keep track of such data)

Validate didn't fix it.

What are the community suggestions?


  • UKR
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    Did you recently delete any old investment or banking account registers, together with all their transactions?

    Does the old investment register show any unexpected transfer transactions to "deleted account" (or similar)?

  • ysg26
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    Yes. I spent the whole morning tracking down the problem by going back in time and checking older and older backup data files until I found one with the right balance of zero.

    Turns out that the account was closed in 1999 (yes, 23 years ago) and two REMOVE SHARES at the end of the register got deleted by Quicken somewhere along the line, either by an update or by me doing a validate. That account then resumed recording dividends in 2021 since it "thought" the shares were still there. So the deletion must have happened then.

    I re-entered the "remove shares" and got the account to zero out. I don't think Quicken should be messing with closed accounts.
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