Backup Quicken from iMac and restore to MacBook Air (edit)

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I've just converted from Q for Windows to Q for Mac. I am heading out on vacation and plan to run quicken on the MacBook Air. I backed up the file from the iMac and restored from that backup on the MacBook Air. The files are not the same. I have triple checked that I am using the correct backup and the same version of Quicken on both computers. One file still has all the hidden files that I deleted after the conversion. Very weird. Am I the only one who has discovered this? I can move forward, but when I return home, I hope restoring the other way will work. Any ideas will be appreciated.


  • Jon
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    What works for me is to compress the Quicken data file to a .zip, move the zip file to my MacBook Air, and uncompress it. In fact I have a launchd job on my desktop Mac that zips up my Quicken file every night & copies the result to iCloud so it’s always available whenever I need to download it to my laptop.

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