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Online Bills Disappeared

It appears that all of my online bills other than Discover have disappeared. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Rich Ard
    Rich Ard Member ✭✭
    Yes none of my bills have worked for nine months to a year. And the ones i can get to set up always have the connection time out.
  • Omar@1093
    Omar@1093 Member

    Yes, I scheduled repeat payments twice. First the repeat payments disappeared, then I entered again and now again it disappeared. At the same time payments are being made and I cannot see. I CANNOT STOP THE REPEAT PAYMENTS, SINCE I CANNOT SEE THEM.

    I called US Bank wasted 1-1/2 hour and they gave me some other number. I called there and they are closed over the weekend.

    Multiple payments are being paid, I cannot see and cannot stop. There is nothing to stop since I cannot see what to stop. On US Bank bill pay it is not showing nothing that any repeat payments are being paid.

    Ever since Quicken separate from Intuit it is a mess

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