R50.xx - tax planner display issues (edit)



  • hmday
    hmday Member ✭✭✭✭

    Is the marginal tax rate being calculated correctly?…I get 27% and 28% should be 24% or 32%. Is the Net Investment Tax figured into the marginal rate? Not sure….

  • Doug Obee
    Doug Obee Member ✭✭

    I Have had the "zeros" problem for several months and thought R52.33 fixed everything so the Projected Tax populated initially. The projected tax and Tax summary agreed with the remaing tax due and I don't use any projected capital gains. All capital gains showed up properly in the tax planner. Upon further review I noticed that the planner and the projected tax showed different total and adjusted gross incomes. The difference was total capital gains included in the planner but not in the projected tax. In fact the capital gains income was not even included in the projected tax. There is not even a line item shown for it in the Projected tax and it is not included in the projected tax box.

    It is possible that I could have a zero tax on my small capital gains so the final tax with two different AGI's would be correct. Clearly the projected tax box still has problems. I can ignore that box and use the planner instead. But what else is wrong?? All of my capital gains come from Fidelity Investments and they have a radically different opinion on what my capital gains should be, and that is where I get the data to file my income taxes. So what good is all this discussion? Have a nice day.

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