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Quicken Janean
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Hi All,

I wanted to let you know we will begin sending out The Email Digest soon this week. This is a weekly email that automatically sends weekly email messages of your "personalized content" based on the top five categories you follow here on Community. Don't worry, you'll always see the top 5 trending posts even if you're not following anything. You can choose which categories to include or skip in the Digest. And if the Digest isn't your thing, you can easily opt out or adjust your preferences on your Notification Preferences page.

To receive the email digest go to your Community Profile> Notification>Preferences.

Scroll to the Bottom where it says Email Digest and opt in and select Send me the email digest or you can opt out. 

The email digest delivers the week's top content from the categories you follow into your email inbox once per week.

This is a great way to see what was trending on Community and what you were engaged in as you participate in various discussions. Thanks!

Quicken Janean

Make sure to sign up for the email digest to see a round up of your top posts.