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  • Quicken Janean
    Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    April 1
  • jamesdeewarren

    Any update on this one? It has been going on since Feb 27 without any resolution. Sunflower Bank is my primary financial institution so I have no ability to sync with Quicken… the last 30 days of my subscription was basically useless to me.

    March 30
  • JAG

    Can anyone provide any information when Alert 10915047 will be resolved? I have not been able to download transactions from Members 1st Federal Credit Union since around 3/4; no error message is provided. I contacted tech support on 3/18. After more than half hour, Lou told me that a problem with downloading transactions from all credit unions was identified and this alert was opened on 3/8. He told me it should be resolved my 3/14. It was not. I contacted tech support again on 3/26 and was told Quicken has no idea when it will be resolved. Does anyone have any information regarding this issue?

    March 29
  • JAG

    What is the status of Alert 10915047? On 3/18 after more than half hour with tech support I was told that this alert was identified on 3/8. I was not able to download transactions from Members 1st Federal Credit Union; no error message occurred. Lou in tech support told me that there is a problem downloading from all credit unions and that this alert was opened to address the problem. I again contacted tech support on 3/26 and was told no info is available regarding when the problem may be resolved. I am still unable to download transactions. Can anyone provide any information on when this will be resolved?

    March 29
  • jlluedke

    Any updates on when Sunfloer Bank will work with Quicken One Step Update again?

    March 22