Unable to print past and current bank reconciliations.

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Using Quicken Windows Subscription.

I did perform the steps to get the box that ask if you want to print a reconciliation. However, I did this after just finishing the current reconciliation and no reconciliation printed.

I went to Reports>Banking. However, the Reconciliation choice is light gray and would not respond when I click on it.

How can I print a reconciliation from the past or just reconciled?


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    Hi @jyofhb

    Unless you have either saved or printed the reconciliation report, you will be unable to access it - with one exception. 

    That exception is - you may be able to print or save the Last reconciliation report you've completed for an account (and only that last one), if you take these steps:

    1) Open the account register in Quicken;

    2) in the ribbon - at the very top of the screen - Click on "Reports" > "Banking" > "Reconciliation"

    3) In the Pop-Up window > Insert a report Title and then click "OK"

    4) A Print pop-up window may appear - if so click the printer you want to use, etc.;

    5) The reconciliation report for that account should print.

    Please let me know how that goes or if you have any followups.


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