Help, my checking account is showing masses of negative balances

Marlene256 Member ✭✭

About a week ago I noticed that my checking balance on Quicken was not matching the bank's. Since then I have been searching for answers but finding none. I have no filters enabled and my sort order is either date, or order entered.

Looking back to when I opened the account in 2015, there are incorrect balances all the way back. Thanks for any suggestions.


  • volvogirl
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    Check the beginning balance. That has been known to change when you update the program. You may have to open a backup to see the original beginning balance.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • Mgeorge2001
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    One of my checking account balances is now wrong. Unfortunately, I have not checked the account in two-three days. I did look to the Backup file but realized opening it, might actually overwrite what the work this morning. The work this morning does not relate to the in question checking account. To the larger problem, I have been battling changes in the Bill Reminder such that SPLIT bills (income & payments) are changed. I realize there may be problems ever so often but it is unacceptable that the use of Quicken requires constant monitoring. The use of accounting software should make finances easier, not more difficult. The Quicken folks that work on updates need to do a better job or maybe I should just look for another vendor's software. I hate to change because I have used Quicken for 14 years when Microsoft discountinued Microsoft Money.
  • Marlene256
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    Thanks for the help. I'm back to a hopefully clean copy. It could have been much worse. I just wish I knew what happened - I suspect transaction download which I recently started, but don't know.

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