Trying to Quick Pay to American Express - says $1,000 limit

I'm new to Quicken, purchased it to replace my Paytrust bill payment system. Current issue is I tried to make online payment of $7,000 to American Express and I get a message saying amount must be between $1 and $1,000.

Is this the actual limit in using Quicken Bill Manager?

Thanks, Don


  • UKR
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    It's quite possible that there is such a limit. I haven't encountered it yet. And I can't find it documented anywhere.
    IMHO, it would be best if you just simply logged on directly to the AmEx website and initiated your payment there, for a one time debit from your checking account.
    I also recommend that, for regular monthly payments you authorize AmEx on their website to automatically deduct full credit card balance or a fixed amount every month on due date.
    Setting up automatic payments at the credit card website ensures that you always pay on time. Now all you need to worry about is having enough money in the checking account every month …

  • donbahash
    donbahash Member

    Thank you for the fast response! I've never had the amount limit in my previous bill payment system for 20 years, so wasn't sure if I had something setup incorrectly.

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