Quicken needs an Investments subcategory for "Bank Interest" in a Roth IRA

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The interest earned in my Roth IRA cannot be categorized under any Investments subcategory. Notably., the dividend income is automatically categorized by Quicken, but all the bank interest earned in the Roth IRA defaults to "Uncategorized."

Worse, I cannot manually assign it any subcategory under Investments except for "ESPP Income"—but that subcategory obviously doesn't apply.

I also cannot add a new subcategory under "Investments" because that entire Category, and all subcategories, are locked from editing by Quicken.

Many Roth IRAs earn interest on the cash holdings. There should be a subcategory under Investments that we can use for these interest payments, and these transactions should be assigned by default to that subcategory just like the dividend income is.

Quicken needs to fix this issue. Others have pointed this out in the community.

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  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Change the transaction type to Interest Income:

    Then the transaction category will be Investments: Interest Income:

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