Missing Currency Conversion Rates (macOS)

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Dear Quicken community. I'm stumped.

I primarily use Quicken to track USD. I recently added a new cash account for Euros (EUR). This is my first time using another currency in Quicken. I am unable to get Quicken to download the currency conversion rates or even recognize that I want to track rates between USD and EUR.

Quicken seems to be aware of this. When I hover over my net worth tab, there is an info icon which says "Foreign currency amounts are converted to home currency, when possible, and included in totals. The following currencies are missing conversion rates: Euro (€)"... That is correct, Quicken. So how do we get the missing conversion rates?

I've been unable to find any useful documentation on how to use multi-currency in Quicken for macOS.

Here's some information for troubleshooting:

* My home currency is configured as USD in Quicken preferences.
* The new "Euros" account is configured as a cash account with Euro as the currency. (Note: I have tried changing the account type to checking, asset, etc. and performing a one-step update to see if this would trigger some recognition of my desire for Quicken to download exchange rates to no avail.
* The Currency window is blank and shows no currency pairs. Clicking "Update Currency Rates" does nothing. I see no way to manually create a currency pair either...
* I've also tried switching the account to a different currency in case there was an issue with solely Euro rates. No rates were downloaded still.

Screenshots provided below. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?

Version 7.1.0 (Build 701.49333.100)


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