Fresh install of Canadian Quicken results in version (not latest posted mondo R48.15)

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Canadian user here.

I just did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10. I downloaded "Quicken-Canada.exe" from the Quicken site for a clean install. No issues with the install. After it was done I went to Help>About Quicken to check the installed version to see if I would need a Mondo update.

Quicken tells me I am running:
Version: R49.33
Edition: Canada

I thought that was strange since the latest Canadian Mondo patch listed on the website is R48.15 (Canada Versions, April 2023) and I also noticed that there is a US R48.15 listed.

Phone lines are closed today (Saturday) so I contacted Quicken Support Chat.

After some back and forth with the agent the bottom line from him is "There have been some changes lately that have been updated yet [sic] because we're still working on it. Eventually all US and Canada versions will match."

He was unable to provide me with release notes for the version I got.

Has anyone else heard about the Canadian R49.33?


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    Thanks. That is what I mean. A fresh install got a release that is higher than the Mondo AND support tells me they are trying to align the release numbers between Canada and the US. But what changes did I get? Surely the US release notes for the US release don't apply to the Canadian release.
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