IRA direct charitable contributions

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I have to take required minimum distributions from my traditional IRA and I am able to write check from the IRA account directly to the charity however the program does not allow for a check to be written it has to be withdrawal & trnsfer or contribution& transfer. Consequently the cash amount showing in my IRA is never correct.There needs to be a provision to write a check in the Actions column.


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    In the IRA account try clicking the Enter Transactions button at the top left. You should see Write Check action available near the bottom of the list.

  • UKR
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    Yes, you are right. If one can record a check using the "Enter Transaction" dialog, there should also be a matching entry in the register line's Action field.

    This should be fixed by the programmers as well as the long-standing issue about not being able to select the IRA account in the Write and Print Checks dialog.

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