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Unable to Schedule QuickPay for JCPenney Master Card for Later then Today

I am unable to schedule a QuickPay payment for my JC Penney Mastercard for later then today.

Under the Bills & Income tab, Bill Manager displays the bill is due on June 18th. If I click on the page icon with the paperclip in the lower right corner, it shows the latest bill as 05/30/2023. In addition, if I view or download the bill from that same window it is the latest bill indicating it is due on 06/18/2023. However, when I click on QuickPay, the "Make a Quick Pay Payment" screen appears with the following message next to the date field: "Biller requires a date of MM/DD/YYYY or earlier" where the date is today's date. I've tried removing it and readding it with no change in results.

Is anyone else having this issue or are you able to schedule QuickPay for your JCPenney Mastercard on a future date?

Thanks in advance.


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