Bug Report: New Attachment UI Causes Attachment Corruption When Copying Transactions

John@33 Member ✭✭✭
Scenario: You start with a transaction that was created with attachments PRIOR to the new attachment UI update. Then, you copy that transaction and paste it into the same register.

[Problem #1 - not new, been around for about a decade]
Before saving this newly pasted transaction, if you click the paperclip, you see all the attachments from the original transaction. This has been a LONG existing bug. While you are able to edit any OTHER portion of the transaction before saving (outside the attachment window), you CANNOT edit the attachments or you will make permanent changes to the original transaction

[Problem #2 - introduced with new UI]
After saving the new transaction, you observe the original transaction still shows the paperclip icon. However, if you click on it, you get an error that no attachments exist. Clicking off the original transaction will now remove the paperclip. You also observe the new transaction still has a paperclip icon. The attachment(s) have been moved to the new transaction and removed from the original transaction. This is not expected behavior.
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