Truist Reconciliation Issues: June 2023

cabeier Unconfirmed ✭✭

Anyone out there having issues with Truist reconcilations? Was off by exactly $7.05 on Friday. I reconcile at least twice per week, so any issue would be caught quickly. Even still, I downloaded 3 months of transactions from Quicken and from Truist and found absolutely no errors. So, how can I be off by $7.05 when I previously reconciled no more than 3 days before and there were no incorrect transactions.

I moved forward in any event and entered a balance adjustment of $7.05 to compensate. Of course, now the account is off by ANOTHER $7.05 on the very next business day. Quicken agent suggested to change my opening balance. First of all, this is a financial software, why in the world would I accept obliterating my data integrity to resolve a Quicken issue? Secondly, if this continues, is it just going to be expected that I continue to add $7.05 to my opening balance (Which, by the way, was from 2005, I'm not a new user…)???

Felt like the agent completely gave up and he left it as, "let's try again on the next statement and see if it persists." That's great, but I can already show two instances, one business day apart…

Not hoping anyone out there is having difficulties like this, but this isn't the first time I've had a similar issue and wanted to post to bring some attention to it.



  • cabeier
    cabeier Unconfirmed ✭✭

    Adding notes, attempted to reconcile again on 6/8/23 and quicken downloaded dozens of transactions dated beginning in 2019… Will contact support again.

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