OSU for one financial institution generates OTP from a different financial institution

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I run a OSU for one of two accounts I have at a particular financial institution (First National Bank of PA)

I get a popup window asking what email address a OTP should be sent to. I select my email address. Important note - this normally happens with one of my other accounts (which I only update once a month or so) - at Dollar Savings Direct.

I confirm my email address, and moments later I get an email from Dollar Savings Direct.

There is absolutely no association between those two banks.

I just updated to R50.8.

A chat with Quicken Support says that this is a known issue???


  • Dave1234
    Dave1234 Member ✭✭✭
    I disconnected my FNB account and then reconnected and this is no longer happening. It'll be a couple days before I have a transaction post to the account, so that's when I'll know if it's "fixed"
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