Unable to import transactions for multiple accounts

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For a long time, I had no problem downloading transactions for all my accounts using One Step Update. Then several months ago, I was unable to update my Citibank VISA account using the update. I believe this is an ongoing known problem. Eventually, I started exporting a QFX file from Citibank and importing it to the account. However, when I try this now, the file will not import. When I select File, File Import, Web Connect (QFX) File and select the QFX file, nothing happens. Moderator Quicken Kristina suggested deactivating the account and doing the import. She said I should get a prompt asking if I want to add as a new account or link to an existing account but I do not get a prompt. Nothing happens again. Then she suggests importing the transactions into a new account but, since I do not receive a prompt to do so, I can't proceed.

When I try to activate the account, I get a connection error when signing in but I have no trouble signing in to the Citibank website outside of Quicken.

What do you suggest?
Why is it taking months to fix the Citibank one step update?

I am using Quicken Deluxe on Windows 10 version R49.33.
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