Loan reminders aren't adjusting principal and interest

cmweis Member

I have 10 mortgages and have set up reminders for all of them. 2 of the reminders automatically adjust the principal and interest categories as principal is paid down, but the remaining 8 do not. All 10 worked correctly from 2015 until about a year ago. I have had to manually adjust the principal and interest amounts every month since then.

For the reminders that don't work, the "payment schedule" reflects the correct amounts. However, when I click the "payment details" then "payment options" then "loan reminder" links and enter the pertinent split categories and amounts, it will not create the reminders. It just loops back to the original screen asking me to enter the details.

I tried deleting one of the reminders and re-creating it, but it will not allow me to do that either.

I have looked many times and have not found any suggested solutions that work for me (uninstalling and reinstalling quicken, validating my data file, etc.) I even called quicken tech support and they just told me to do all of the things that I have already done. It didn't work for them either. Can anybody help me with this.

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