Downloaded Transactions Not Being Accepted

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After downloading transactions, I review and accept the transactions. After accepting a number of transactions, sometimes accepting individually and other times accepting all, Quicken Premier (Version R50.8; Build; running Windows 11 Enterprise) stops accepting transactions, individual and all, unless I restart Quicken. I have investment and banking accounts and the problem occurs in all the accounts. I could not find a solution posted anywhere, but did find the problem has existed for years. Is anybody aware of a solution (other than repeatedly closing and reopening Quicken)? Thank you


  • Mark248
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    I am having the same issue Currently on R50.15, Build on Windows 10 Enterprise, but have had this issue for all prior releases for a long time.

  • UKR
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    Do you have any kind of error messages when that happens?
    Is Windows running out of memory, real or virtual?
    How much RAM do you have installed? How much does Windows Task Manager say is in use at that time? >80%?
    Is the Windows Paging File large enough to accommodate your workload? I'd suggest RAM GB * 2 or more.

    Please provide an image snapshot of the File Information window: Help / Shift-click About Quicken
    Attach the image file (PNG, JPG or GIF only) to your next Comment.

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