quality of the Qkn program


My biggest question to Quicken is, "How do you justify your existence?"
If a day goes by without an error or screw up or other problem from quicken, I have to just relax and wonder if the world is going to end.

I routinely have various opening balances changed from the usual ZERO to any old plus or minus amount.

I regularly have to -try- to fix an issue with this or that bank where in Quicken tries to link a credit card with a checking account at yet some other bank.

After a sum of 50+ of those errors, here is a new one: in another bank you say sign in, and then say login failed due to a time out (as well as that universal excuse starting with, "Or". Here, or, a connection error. (which only exists within quicken. All other connections are fine, as is otherwise connecting to the bank in question.

Trying to fix an issue at another bank, an acct in particular is numbered 410 and you linked it with a 12 year-old acct numbered 310.
You are just so unbelievably crappy,
Surely you know your program stinks, and that we just use it because, well, we used it yesterday. It's a well known phenomena called 'path dependence'.

You claim I need "Direct connect", but then you don't offer the choice, rather you just go on as if you never said anything of the sort. and even though in connect options, it mentions Express Web Connect as the current method. (as well as afterward, post this idiotic fiasco.


  • Marcus Garvey

    Oh, yes, almost forgot this one: and there is this seemingly endless recurring problem: I transfer cash from a checking account to another (a money market account, that is pretty equivalent) and it in quicken, it becomes an UnCategorized Expense. Totally idiotic, in the real world, anyway. Why does Quicken do that? That's anyone's guess!

  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    transfers - are you using the bracket syntax in the Category field ? [other account]

    which should classify that transaction as a Transfer and show up like that on Reports

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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