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Been using Quicken without much problem for over four years, reconciling bank accounts monthly. Trying to reconcile a credit card account today: beginning balance is correct, enter closing date and balance; Quicken says there is a difference amounting to ~ half of the statement balance.
Go to reconciliation history window, Q says previous two statements have multiple discrepancies. ( I know for a fact I reconciled last two statements.) Go and look in the register and there appear to be duplicate transactions for most if not every entry; new entries show as downloaded from bank, cleared but not reconciled. New entries appear to coincide roughly with the previous two statements.
How do I begin to unravel this mess?
thanks in advance for any guidance,

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    Did you get a message telling you that you opened the file on another computer, forcing you to reset the cloud? That can sometimes cause the download of duplicate transactions. But at this point the reason for the duplicates really doesn't matter.

    Do you mark transactions as Reviewed when you download them, clearing the blue pencil or dot icon in the Status column? If so, change the Status filter to Not Reviewed. This should then be showing you all the duplicate transactions which you can select and delete en masse. There may be a few newer transactions included which you don't want to delete, so check for those.

    If you don't mark reviewed, you can sort the register by the CLR column by clicking the CLR column header. (Click it again to reverse the sort.) This will put all the cleared-but-not-reconciled transactions together making it easy to select and delete them as above.

    One other approach is to turn on the FITID column in the register (menu View > Columns). Compare the FITID of the duplicates to the previously downloaded transactions. You may see an obvious form/format difference that makes it easy to search/filter out just the duplicates.

    Before doing any of the above, make sure to make a backup of your file that you can revert to in case it gets messed up worse than it already is.

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