Import QIF - file selection tree broken

solostorm Member ✭✭✭✭

clicking on "Browse" should let you find the file location. However I'm getting this - and navigation does not work-

This has been an on and off issue for some time - but usually I can get past it. Not now.


  • UKR
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    What do you mean by "navigation doesn't work"?
    You should be able to select "Organize" and turn on the Navigation pane, a submenu of drives and folders along the left sidebar. From there, just like in the full File Explorer view, you can select other folders.
    You should also be able to click the thumbnail icon (upper right of view, leftmost of group of 3 icons) and change the view to show details or other selections.

  • solostorm
    solostorm Member ✭✭✭✭

    The thumbnails do not respond. This has occurred before. This time I shut everything down, rebooted the system and ran Quicken by itself with no other programs running and it worked properly.

    However this is a recurring issue. No other program displays a similar problem in Windows. I think that something in Quicken loses its connection to windows on an intermittent basis. Closing and restarting Quicken did not resolve the problem.

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